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TA theory refresher sessions (from February 2022)

These are available to Metanoia students preparing for CTA exams. They take place on Mondays between 11am and 2pm, fortnightly. A series of six sessions covers: ego states, script, games, culture, research, ethics 

Independently organised workshops and lectures

2020, 3rd June

Intimacy in a Virtual World - IARTA Webinar

2018, 5th of July

See you on the other side

This paper is an auto-ethnographic revision (Ellis, 2009) of a psychotherapy case study. The client and therapist discussed their work together five years on, reflecting on post-therapy growth and aspects of the therapeutic relationship. The process of revision opened up new avenues for reflective inquiry. This paper was presented at the EATA Research conference: "Working at the relational edge of evidence".

2018, June 9th: How do we work with male clients if we care about providing gender-sensitive psychotherapy?

2017, 9th of June, Marches Counselling Service, Hereford

Ongoing risk assessment in private practice 

2017, 4th of March, Cumbrian Conference, Penrith

A Walk Through No-Man’s Land

2015, 7th of May - Metanoia Institute 202 series - "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden" 

2015, 28th of February - Cumbrian TA Conference: "To be or not to be" - is the question even allowed? 

2015, 7th of February - Southern TA Conference: "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden!"

2014, 18th of October - The Vassal Centre: Risk Assessment in Private Practice

2013, 16th of November - Southern TA Conference in Salisbury: "The Many Faces of Trauma" The Labirynth the sacrifice and the Minotaur